Marz Jukebox Returns to SUP

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Straight Up Praise is excited to announce that Marz Jukebox will be returning to lead us into the thrown room of the Lord.  This worship event is free, as always, so feel free to invite your friends.  We will be at New Vision Church from 6-8 p.m.  (4353 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103)

Come worship!


Lamar Lacangan, better known by his stage name Marz JukeBox, is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. Raised in the streets of San Diego, California, he was a child filled with so much SOUL. Embracing his heritage as both African American & Filipino, his family & friends knew him simply as ‘Mar’ and because he loved and often listened to the records ‘Big Daddy’ (his grandfather) would play around the house he could recall & sing songs from great music legends such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley and many others. He grew up becoming the family Jukebox, hence the name ‘Marz JukeBox’.


So many testimonies to choose from, the Lord has allowed me to see and experience so much from being hit by a car, to being in New York City, standing at the Twin Towers September 10th, 2001 and flying back home to San Diego the day before The September 11th terrorist attacks, but the testimony we will use today has also been life-changing…

One night, while in college, Lamar, came to visit a friend in Oceanside. While visiting his friend, his friend received a call from a girl who needed a ride home.

Although Lamar didn’t know the girl, Lamar kindly agreed to give her a ride home. Lamar and his friend drove about 5 blocks away to where the girl said she was.

They pulled across the street from the apartment complex where the girl was, and parked.

While waiting Lamar and his friend Tony noticed the girl coming out of an apartment, she was also carrying a little baby with her.

Tony got out of the car to let the girl and her baby get into the backseat of the car, Lamar remained in the drivers seat.

When a man with a gun ran out. He ran over to Tony, pointing the gun at this chest saying, ‘Who are you? You trying to hook up with my girl?’ The girl was yelling and crying historically, ‘Stop! Why are you doing this?’

When the guy with the gun heard the girl yelling he turned and looked at her, at that moment, Tony took off running through the bushes. Lamar, shocked and paralyzed was unable to do or say anything.

The guy with the gun saw Lamar and ran over to the drivers side of the car, pointed the gun about 5 feet away from his head and asked the same question, ‘Who are you? Are you the one trying to hook up with my girl?’

The only words Lamar could say was, ‘No, I was just asked to give her a ride.’

The guy with the gun seemed to accept the answer and began to turn away…

He then turned back towards Lamar and raised his gun.

At that point all Lamar could see was that silver gun pointed at him, and he could even see the bullet loaded in the gun, as a bright street light beamed on the gun.

All Lamar could say was, ‘Lord be with me.’ At this time in Lamar’s life, he realized he wasn’t doing all that he should be doing for God in his life, it was a dark place that was all about Lamar’s will, not God’s.

Then He shot!

Lamar laid slumped over in the car, blood dripping down his face, and all he could say was, ‘Lord, I pray that my name is written in The Book of Life, please forgive me for not living my life for you.’ The gunman took off running, certain that he killed Lamar.

The street was quiet, not one person was in sight, you could swear that the whole town of Oceanside was deserted.

But the remarkable happened… it felt like God lifted Lamar’s head, while blood still dripped down his face, and audibly, for the first time ever, Lamar heard the voice of God say, ‘Get up and go do my work.’

What’s remarkable about this story is that the bullet only grazed the side of Lamar’s face and went through the metal of his car leaving a bullet-sized hole through the steel. The doctor only gave Lamar 7 stitches and could not believe that he actually lived.


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