Below are a few testimonials people have written to Straight Up Praise about their experience at our worship gatherings.


December, 2012

I didn’t quite know what to expect at this event, but I was invited to come by one of my neighbors, so I decided to come.  I had my mom visiting me from Canada, and so I took her, my husband and our 3-month old son to Straight Up Praise back in September of 2012.

Now I was under the impression we would just be worshiping through music, but what I got was so much more.  You see my husband and I had been going through some rough times, and in particular this was a bad day for us.  But nonetheless, we decided to still attend.  We were greeted with such love at the door, and it just blew us away.

As the event went on, we were loving the intimate setting, and I felt myself drifting away into the Lord’s presence.  The music was incredible, and the artists were amazing.  I was truly in the thrown room of the Lord.  Then I noticed my husband looking at the cross in the center of the room.  He had this look on his face I had never seen before.  Shortly thereafter, one of the leaders of the ministry came up and gave a quick explanation of the Gospel, and told us all how we are saved by God’s grace, not by our own works.  He then asked for anyone who wanted to rededicate their life, or commit their lives to the Lord, to say a simple prayer.  Afterwards, I was shocked, my husband, who was a man’s man, was balling like a baby.  He had surrendered his heart to the Lord.  I was blown away at how the Holy Spirit was surrounding the room at the very moment.

Since then, my husband and I separated, but he is still attending church, and we are prayerfully working on our relationship to mend it.  I have this ministry to thank for putting my husband back on the right track, and with lots of prayer, I am sure God will heal our relationship and we will be stronger then ever.

Thank you so much Straight Up Praise, your ministry has helped begin a healing process in my family, and I will forever be grateful to you for this.

Anika – A Forever loyal fan.