Jorge Flores to Lead us in Worship

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Jorge Flores will be leading worship at Straight Up Praise on Oct. 6, 2012 from 7-9 p.m.

Jorge has been in christian music for over 20 years, serving God as a worship singer, songwriter, musician, worship leader.

God has blessed Jorge as part of amazing worship teams, choirs, & ensembles. He has been a part of and led worship at Horizon Christian Fellowship, New Venture Christian fellowship, & Hope Nazarene Church Vista.  Jorge has since returned to serve at the many music ministries at the Rock Church in San Diego, reuniting worship directors Stefanie Kelly, Micah Whitley, and Marc Millan.

“Growing up, my Mom and Dad loved music so much!, mom loved classic pop music oldies including doo wop music, rich in harmonies. Dad loved his opera and hymns which really made me interested in lyrics and meanings of songs messages” I then discovered the Beatles in my teens through a cousin who I met up with in church.  I absolutely loved the harmonies, songwriting and technical originality.  I knew my life had to be involved in music from then on!” It was prevalent so much in his daily life, that it was inevitable that Jorge would be involved in music someday…

God has led Jorge on an incredible journey. born with severe hearing loss & multiple physical challenges with speech, carpal tunnel, including recent neck & spine surgeries. He continues to rely on God for daily strength, glorifying his maker in countless ministries over the years.

Jorge has served playing God’s music at Prisons, Small groups, Gospel festivals, Church outreach events, [even beach and Dog Lovers ministries:)] not only as a Vocalist, but as a Drummer, Guitarist and Keyboardist as well in various styles of Music, from Traditional Hymns to Contemporary Rock, Soul, Gospel, Pop, Latin, Reggae and Jazz ensembles.

He has played for many of the top worship teams and bands and continues to serve “One Amazing Creator and Orchestrator of Life”. “It is All for spreading the message of God’s Peace, Love, Hope and Glory, Amen Somebody?


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